My name is Michel and I am an international coach for managers and directors, certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).
The desire to become a life and professional coach sprang from profound changes....


What is coaching?
Coaching is the process during which a person, the Coach, accompanies you in the same way that a travel guide would do, but with a focus on your personal and professional voyage to self-improvement...


Here is the Code of Ethics of the ICF that I believe in and adhere to in my coaching business.
Confidentiality/Privacy As a Coach of the ICF (International Coach Federation) I respect your privacy. I will maintain the strictest...

Change to grow

Speed and ever-increasing complexity characterize a great part of our modern and globalised world. Disappointment instead of satisfaction is often the result.

For the unique responsibilities they must assume, entrepreneurs and managers are often challenged, today more than ever, to make sense not only of their own personal and professional lives, but also of those of their employees and teams. They must be able to contribute sustainable values to the company as well as to make determinant decisions regarding the future.

As a Coach, my desire is to provide you with the support you will need to find the correct path in your professional and personal success. I will do so with the utmost of my professional commitment and the enthusiasm I have residing within.

Some of my clients who trusted me:

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