You are working in your country of origin in an international or global context where good results and success are essential, you must to face new intercultural challenges, whether they are presential or virtual.
  • lead multicultural teams who do not speak the same language.
  • know how to communicate effectively in an appropriate manner.
  • cooperate successfully.

You have just arrived in a foreign country, alone or accompanied by your family to begin a new phase of your life. You wish to succeed both socially and professionally by integrating into your new environment.
You wish to:
  • find your place in the host country.
  • help your family to adjust to living abroad.

You have taken on new leadership or management responsibilities in a company abroad and you must make a success of your professional integration. You wish to:
  • be accepted by your team and company colleagues in the host country.
  • take full measure of your role as a leader or manager in the company, find your place so as to reach your performance targets and results quickly.

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